5 Reasons Why Your AC Is Leaking Water Inside

During the summer months, your air conditioner will likely run constantly. You could ask why your ac is leaking water inside, and what you can try to fix it. Below are a few reasons why your AC may be leaking and how you can fix it.

Air Conditioners and Water Formation

Indoor and outdoor units are common in modern air conditioning systems. Cooling occurs as warm air blows over an evaporator coil in the inside unit. A cooling process occurs when the hot air touches the coil. Then, evaporator rings appear like water specks.

In the condensate drain line, the moisture drips into a drain pan as it forms. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any issues with leaks inside your home due to this line. Unfortunately, at times when your air conditioner is leaking water, there’s no reason to fret. Here are a handful of reasons why this might be happening and how to fix it.

Several Reasons Your Air Conditioner is Leaking Water:

Reason 1: A Blocked Sewage System

Your AC is leaking water inside your home possibly due to a blockage in the sewer line. With time, this pipe can grow filled with filth like sand, debris, or algae. Water cannot drain out of your home when your condensate drain line undergoes clogging. As a result, the line becomes backed up, allowing the moisture to seep inside.

A wet/dry vac is an easy way to unclog the drain line. You may need to call the professionals if the wet/dry vac method doesn’t work. The professionals have access to powerful vacuums. Their vacuums can remove the obstruction and restore drain flow.

Reason 2: Faulty Air Purifier

After one month, it is recommendable to change the air cleaner in your air conditioner. Having a dirty air filter makes your system work harder, causing damage or worn-out parts. As well as causing your HVAC device to work overtime, a dirty filter can reduce the ventilation over the unit’s cooling coil. The coil gets extremely cold and can begin to freeze when the air undergoes blockage.

The overflow of water can occur as the frozen coil melts. Make sure you maintain a clean air filter. Change it at least every two months. When your air conditioner’s filter is too dirty, it can cause water to leak inside your home.

Reason 3: Your AC is Short on Coolant

The pressure inside your air conditioning system decreases as the volume of refrigerant decreases. The evaporator coil can also freeze, resulting in a wet mess. Check your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels if it doesn’t cool down your house. Whirring or gurgling sounds can also indicate you have a leak.

Spot the source when your AC is leaking water inside your home. It is possible that you may end up having to purchase a brand new unit in this case. Regular inspections will help you to avoid these problems. To prevent leaks and other problems, conduct a complete assessment each summer.

Other Reasons Why AC is Leaking Inside Your Home:

Another possible reason for your air conditioner leaking water inside your home may be the following. 

Reason 4: An Aging Air Conditioner:

On having an outdated HVAC system, you will discover your AC is leaking water inside your property. You may have trouble with rust in the drain pipes. AC units older than 12 or 15 years, you may require a replacement. Attempt removing an old, worn-out drainage system and check if this resolves the problem.

Reason 5: A Malfunctioning Water Pump

Yet another possible factor why AC is leaking water inside your home is a malfunctioning water pump. If you install the unit in the basement, it must pump water out to the outside. If your pump breaks, the pumping can’t be outside of the home any longer. In order to prevent water damage to your home, you should repair or replace this component as soon as possible.

It’s usually best to seek expert guidance in case of uncertainty. It doesn’t take long for a faulty air conditioner to escalate into a serious problem.

Let Go of the Worry “Why Your AC Is Leaking Water Inside Your Home?”

By now, you know how to determine if your air conditioner is leaking water inside your home. Hopefully, you can fix the problem yourself. You can, however, contact Sisa Air Conditioning for reliable AC maintenance if you’re unsure why your AC is leaking.

We can usually fix most air conditioner difficulties immediately after making the right assessment. Our team can resolve the issue in most cases. Additionally, your home will keep comfy and secure during the summer. Do not hesitate to call us right away. Give us a call and say goodbye to your problems.