Installed Fujitsu 20 kWh unit

Analysing The Area For Installation Of Fujitsu Air Conditioning System

Installed Fujitsu 20 kWh unit – Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioning units themselves are not immune to heat. That means as the temperature rises outside, the more the AC unit will work to keep your indoors cool. We look for places that are out of direct rays of sunlight. This helps in reducing the strain on the air conditioning unit. The perfect location can be a shaded portion of your property. 

Ideally, the Installed Fujitsu Air Conditioning 20 KWH Unit must be placed on the east or north side of the home, to ensure a natural shade on the air conditioner even on the hottest summer day. The second best choice that we look for is to keep the outside unit under the shade of the tree, mainly the one that drops less debris. 

Points to keep in mind while analyzing your property for Air Conditioner Adelaide setup: 

  • The place must be blocked off from your cats and dogs. 
  • A place where you hardly spend your time can be the backyard. 
  • Must be set up on the hard concrete surface, away from shrubs and mulch.

We Share All The Details and Plan With You

SISA believes in sharing the minor to major installation or Aircon Repairs Service details with you. On calling us for any Fujitsu Air Conditioning Service, our AC technicians will share the whole plan of action with you. This mainly comprises- the type of installation, the place where the AC will be installed, how many holes will be drilled on your walls (if needed), what is the cost of service, and much more. Everything stays transparent between you and us. So, if you are wishing for a friendly yet professional Installed Fujitsu 20 KWH Unit-related work, call us today! 

How Do We Help and Install a Fujitsu 20 kWh unit?

Our AC technicians help you in installing AC units in such a manner that you avail the maximum Air Conditioning Supply benefits. Have a look at our indoor and outdoor unit installation below: 

Indoor Unit Installation

  • Switch off all your power supplies
  • Choose a preferable spot on the wall to hand the inside AC unit. 
  • We then secure the mounting plate properly on the wall
  • Also, drill holes of 3 inches through your wall for connecting the pipes to the condenser kept outside. 
  • Ensure proper electrical connections and place the AC.

Outdoor Unit Installation

  • Search for suitable areas for condensers.
  • Apply concrete base on the ground. 
  • Adjustment of electrical wires
  • Installing of pipes with clamps on the wall
  • Sealing up the holes with a sealing foam
  • Turn on your AC & enjoy the fresh cool air.

The Result, We Test The Entire AC Unit and Client’s Satisfaction

Lastly, we test the working of the Installed Fujitsu 20 KWH Unit, it is vital for AC owners to have a little knowledge of what to expect from an AC installation service. Maintaining accurate temperatures for proper working is essential. This is why our AC technicians share a few tips and tricks for having longer working AC units. So, wait no further, and call SISA for a free quote & consultation.