Why is my air conditioner making a gurgling noise?

Why is my air conditioner making a gurgling noise?

There are many well-known HVAC repair companies in Adelaide, but how will you know when you need to appoint them? In some cases, your air conditioner will show you certain signs when something is wrong. Usually, a common signal is air conditioning gurgling noise. Pay close attention to the noise & search for its origin. This is helpful information that you may share with the technician. However, the AC’s may function poorly while giving out certain gurgling noises. Ignoring such noises can pose a serious issue or collapse of the entire unit.  

The actual reasons for air conditioning gurgling noise can be some different things, including: 

  • A leaking refrigerant
  • Clogging of condensate drains
  • Problem with the condensate pump

Below in this article, you will find about each of these problems, what causes them & how to correct each of these in order to stop AC gurgling. 

air conditioning gurgling noise

Air conditioning gurgling noise cause: Refrigerant Leak 

As you know, all air conditioners need a refrigerant to function properly. Your HVAC unit’s refrigerant is solely responsible for cooling. Also, it is really important for the refrigerant to flow. A watery or gurgling noise may indicate an issue with the lines of refrigerants. The lines allow the refrigerant to flow evenly throughout the system. In case of inappropriate circulation, the AC results in less cooling. Or, the system may take a lot of loads to produce cooling as per your desired settings. This further raises utility bills.

Although the air conditioner continues to run even with the weird gurgling noise, it may be a struggle to keep up. As time passes by, this may turn into a serious problem & may affect other components. So, if there is any sort of leak from the refrigerant, get it fixed as soon as possible. Or add an extra refrigerant (if required).  While this situation is not of any emergency, yet you must take it seriously. Hire a technician to inspect and test your AC system! 

Air conditioning gurgling noise cause: Blocked Drain

One of the most common reasons for air conditioning gurgling noise is a blockage in your condensate drain. The work of the condensate drain line is to drain the moisture that the Ac collects from the outside air. However, if your AC drain is blocked, the water will be unable to exit the house smoothly and can cause a gurgling sound. The gurgling noise occurs when the water tries to carve its way down the drain. 

The condensate lines of the drain can get blocked over time due to excess debris, dirt, and mold formations. In order to unclog the blocked lines, you must appoint a professional drain cleaning technician. The expert technicians easily inspect and detect the reason for clogged lines and clear it really quickly. Moreover, unclogging the condensate drain lines is sometimes complex & fixing it yourself may result in more serious problems. In such a case you can contact our Split Air Conditioning team for quick solutions.

Air conditioning gurgling noise cause: Condensate Pump

If the air handler is not raining via gravity, then it is relying on a condensate pump. The evaporating coils inside the handler form condensation as the air cools down around it. This assists in collecting moisture. Furthermore, the role of a condensate pump is to ensure the fluid does not accumulate. The pump removes the liquid that generally collects in a pan-like component, usually below these parts.

When the condensate pump is working properly, it never produces any sort of noise. However, if it is not functioning as designed, then you may observe a gurgling noise. This is certain that the pump is not moving out the moisture smoothly as it must do. In most cases, the pump is either old or needs to be replaced because of improper functioning. So, what’s important is to book a well-learned technician who can easily repair or replace the condensate pumps for you. 

Hearing Gurgling Noise Even When The AC Is Off? Know Why! 

Generally, the air conditioning unit makes gurgling noise in winters when it is used to heat up the room. At the same moment, a weird sound can be observed when the system is switched off. 

There can be two major reasons for the observance of gurgling noise: 

  • Incorrect functioning of the drainage unit
  • Drying of the cooling unit (facing leakage)

It is abnormal for the air conditioner to make gurgling sounds when off or on. The compressor boosts the freon by the unit when it is switched on, or the movement slow-down post turning off. Generally, this noise is heard for five to ten minutes. Freon is an AC gas that tends to change its form quickly. It keeps on turning from gas to vapor and back to gas again. This high-density liquid’s movement may lead to a characteristic gurgling noise. 

Unable To Detect The Air Conditioning Gurgling Noise Cause Or Repair? SISA Air Conditioning Is Ready To Help 

If you notice any of the above causes or still have certain issues with your HVAC unit, call out to our professional assistance. SISA Air Conditioning Adelaide has years of expertise and excellence in doing air conditioning gurgling noise fixes. So, no matter what sort of noise your air conditioner is producing, we can quickly detect it and suggest you the best-suited solution. Also, all of our technicians are certified, trained, and well equipped. Look no further for an “affordable AC technician near me” and book an appointment now! We are actively taking bookings 24 by 7.